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SAHA, meaning health in Arabic, is an all day breakfast, brunch and lunch spot, inspired by the flavours of the Middle East.

Some of our favourites
SAHA Lebanese Breakfast

Free range eggs (your way), zaatar, sujuk, house labneh topped with olive oil and black seeds, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, served with Lebanese pickles and Lebanese bread

Chicken Avocado Manoushi

Chicken Avocado Manoushi (baked flatbread) with zaatar chicken, avocado, cheese, lettuce and house made aioli

Shish Tawouk (Chicken Skewers)

Grilled Chicken Skewers, with a pomegranate glaze and harissa infused hommus, served with Fattoush and Lebanese bread

Falafel Salad

Four Falafels, tomato, salad greens, cucumber, red onion, toasted almond, Lebanese pickles, topped with a tahini dressing

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